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Submitted on
June 19, 2011


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:new: CONTEST RESULTS ARE IN! Check the results deviation to find out who won! :D :new:

:bulletgreen: Current Contest: 14 :bulletgreen:
Deadline: 17 June 2012 @ 23:00 CMT
Theme: May Flowers

With spring here and summer soon to come, the days are considerably warmer, the excitement higher, the days longer, and everything is blooming and coloring the world! So, how would a canine pokemon be 'celebrating' this? Perhaps a Leafeon is busily planting new flowers while a sibling Flareon returns later to burn them? Would a young Riolu, perhaps, manage to pick some for his loving Lucario mother or a poor Smeargle find himself bothered by the now prominent pollen?

Create a spring or early summer image depicting your favorite canine pokemon interacting in some way with flowers.

Suggested by HeartoftheUntamed! Thank you kindly!


:bulletgreen: Rules: :bulletgreen:
- You must be a member of pokemon-canine-club to join
- You must include flowers as the main object of attention other than your chosen canine pokemon
- The canine pokemon must be on the list of accepted canines
- Art must be made specifically for this contest and cannot have been submitted before 13 May 2012
- Nothing, of course, too violent; art must be PG-13 at the highest, especially for a contest involving flowers
- All mediums are welcome! This includes sculpture, painting, collage, poetry, prose… you name it!


:bulletgreen: Prizes: :bulletgreen:
- A feature from pokemon-canine-club until the next contest
- Simple drawing from VirtualManectric
- Sketch from ZulayaWolf

- Flat drawing from VirtualManectric

- Sketch from VirtualManectric

Anyone willing to donate prizes is certainly welcome to! It does not have to be art; it can be features, llamas, points, etc.
:bulletgreen: Entries: :bulletgreen:
All entries can be seen in the contest gallery, here.

- May Flowers by izzyandblacky
- Arcanine and growlithe Sleep Flower prank by enyce122
- For you, my dear by Aanza
- Flowers for you by FrightFox
- Yay Flowers! by Charifix
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FrightFox Jun 17, 2012  Student General Artist
I have a pic, but eh, looks like I'm too late XD
VirtualManectric Jun 18, 2012  Student Digital Artist
No, by all means submit it! I'll wait until tomorrow before posting the voting deviation.
I'd love to see it~ :aww:
FrightFox Jun 18, 2012  Student General Artist
Really? I'll get it up as soon as I'm able, thank you. ^^
VirtualManectric Jun 18, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Certainly! :D
enyce122 Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I finished and I tried to submit mine into the folder ^^
VirtualManectric Jun 17, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Right-o! Thank you so much for participating!
I wish you the best of luck~ :aww:
enyce122 Jun 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
posting mine later today ^^ its going to be cute!
Shadow-Pikachu5 May 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm in!
VirtualManectric May 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Awesome to hear! :D
Aanza May 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is a really creative concept! :D
I totally want to get my creative juices flowing with this! :D
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